Different social and workplace settings in four UK cities were investigated in relation to everyday communicative practices.  Across the disciplinary themes of business, heritage, sport and law, the research team adopted a sociolinguistic ethnographic approach to documenting  urban life in linguistically, and socially diverse Britain.

For further information on each city site:

Birmingham  Professor Adrian Blackledge,  a.j.blackledge@stir.ac.uk

Cardiff Dr. Frances Rock,  RockF@cardiff.ac.uk

Leeds Dr. James Simpson,  J.E.B.Simpson@education.leeds.ac.uk

London Professor Zhu Hua,  zhu.hua@bbk.ac.uk, and Professor Li Wei, li.wei@ucl.ac.uk 

Each city research team produced a series of detailed working papers which can be found under publications

For further information on digital and social media communication across all four city contexts please contact Dr. Caroline Tagg, caroline.tagg@open.ac.uk

For further information on the TLANG blog and twitter feed please contact Jess Bradley, J.Bradley@leedstrinity.ac.uk, and Caroline Tagg, caroline.tagg@open.ac.uk